Soothing words with Emmanuel Okoro

There are times when it seem God is far from us. When situations and circumstances contradicts our opinion of reality. When our day seem to turn into night right before our very eyes. When what once work for you seamlessly now is a chore you must fulfil.

In this we must be confident, that our God is a God that CAN deliver and if He chooses not to, it is never for less but always for more. Would it not have been easier to prevent the 3 Hebrew boys from being thrown into the fire than to sustain them in the fire. To prevent Daniel from the lion’s den than sustain him in the den. At least according to man’s standard it was easier


When we think that God is far that’s when He is near. He says He’ll NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Job says “Oh that I were in the months past, as in the days when God preserved me” Job:29:2. With the benefit of hindsight you and I know that in spite of all of Job’s troubles God was still with him. Let his story put your times of trouble in proper perspective for you.

God is for you!

Good Morning,
Emma (aka Mr. LIft)


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